Italy 2016 – Visiting Florence

April 6, 2017

Italy 2016 - Florence

After our week in Rome, we started the next leg of our more shorter stays in Italy. We began by travelling north, catching the train for an hour and a half before arriving in the busy central station of Florence.

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Italy 2016 – Exploring outside Rome

March 23, 2017

Italy travel - rome

Day 4 – The Villa d’Este fountains in Tivoli

After the failure of our first trip to the Villa d’Este gardens, we headed back out of the city again to the town of Tivoli. The train journey offered up a change of scenery from the built up apartments and busy streets to sprawling towns and small, rural stations the farther we traveled out. The station in Tivoli itself is quite unassuming, in fact to get to the main platform we had to literally walk across the tracks (a lot more lax on the health and safety side here).

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Italy 2016 – Discovering Rome

March 8, 2017

Italy Trip - Rome

I’m finally getting around to writing about our Europe trip back in September last year. I had intended to at least start on these before 2017 began but by the time I’d recovered from the holiday we were into the busy end of the year (hello Christmas) and I just decided these posts would have to wait.

This was the longest holiday we’d ever taken, spanning a whole month across two countries with seven different destinations in total. This also made it the most anxiety inducing trip we’ve ever put together. Here we were about to travel across the world to places we’d never visited before, having limited to no knowledge of the local language, with no guides apart from ourselves to get us from one place to another. Months were spent researching and planning everything we’d need to know for this adventure so it would go as smoothly as possible (and give me some peace of mind). Thankfully, almost everything come together and we survived :P.

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Supanova Brisbane 2016

November 17, 2016

Supanova Brisbane 2016

It’s been interesting to see how Supanova Brisbane has changed and evolved over the years that I’ve attended. There are anime and game trends that come and go, the various venues (air con!) and the inclusion of new technologies, like VR.

That said, there has always been certain constant aspects of Supanova like the creative cosplay, the numerous figurine and comic booths, the talented artists and the special guests that are central to the convention’s pop culture composition.

Below are a few photos taken on the last day while we searched for sweet anime goods :).

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PAX Aus – Melbourne 2016

November 9, 2016

PAX Aus 2016

Another year, another PAX Aus! We were once again in Melbourne to attend the gaming convention and excited to see what would be on show this year, especially out of the PAX Rising indie showcase.

VR has definitely come into its own this year with multiple booths embracing the array of VR platforms for their development and the convention has even introduced its own VR Freeplay area for visitors to trial the technology. This is a stark difference from the last 2 years where we’ve only seen small glimmers of it at select booths (which usually need an appointment to try out).

We also saw the inclusion of lots of large upcoming titles including The Last Guardian, Final Fantasy XV, South Park: The Fractured but Whole and Watch Dogs 2 along with the return of some familiar games like Swordy, Goat Punks and Inflatality. All of this along with many new indie titles, tournaments, game hardware, table top games, industry talks and more.

Here are some of the many photos I took on the Friday of the convention (I’ve included links to the games’ sites where possible, see caption notes).

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A year with Lucy

May 17, 2016


Today marks the one year anniversary of picking up our little fluff ball known as Lucy. On this day last year we drove over an hour out of town to pick her up from the breeder and she sat on my lap in a laundry basket on the way home. It was a truly exciting day for us and especially for me as Lucy is the first dog I’d ever owned.

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Easy handmade Christmas cards and gift tags – Christmas stockings!

January 13, 2016

Christmas cards - christmas stocking designI can’t believe it’s already 2016, the last few months just seemed to fly by. I hope all of your end of year celebrations were fun and joyous ^_^.

Keeping up with tradition of the past few years I once again made all of my Christmas cards, this time creating Christmas stockings using just paper and gift wrapping. Below is a step by step guide on how I made them along with their gift tag counterparts.

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Supanova Brisbane 2015

December 2, 2015

Supanova Brisbane 2015

We finished off the last weekend in November once again with Supanova Brisbane – three days filled with cosplay, art, gaming, comics, anime and overall creativity. I was able to attend on the final Sunday, spending most of it wandering around the stalls and looking for elusive figures to add to my collection all while running into friends along the way.

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Japan Trip 2015: Day 10 – 13

November 26, 2015

Japan Trip 2015 - Tokyo National Museum

See Day 1 – 3    |    See Day 4 – 6    |    See Day 7 – 9

The final days of our trip would be spent exploring just some of the many small niche museums scattered throughout the greater Tokyo region. Most are hidden gems within more suburban areas and usually require a bit of public transport know-how and a willingness to walk a fair distance but in my experience have always been worth it.

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PAX Aus – Melbourne 2015

November 6, 2015

Pax Aus 2015I’m pretty sure it was the day after Pax Aus 2014 we decided we definitely wanted to come back and experience the convention all over again. We quickly snapped up tickets after they went on sale and impatiently waited until October to set off to Melbourne and get our hands on the latest new games and developments.

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